Youtubers You Should Defintely Watch!

Can you believe it’s only been around for about a decade?
It feels like an integral part of our lives, right? The how-to videos, the music videos, the political videos, and of course- the youtubers. Until about two years ago, I was a youtuber sceptic like many others. What pleasure could be derived, I naively thought, in watching millennials talk you through their beauty routines? In watching fitter, prettier and more pulled together humans your age, preach at you about their success?
Oh, how wrong I was. I shake my head at my younger self, who unknowingly deprived herself of hours of intellectual debate, fascinating beauty tutorials and riveting vlogs. No, but jokes aside, I fucking love YouTube.

Btw, this post is entirely inspired by the wonderful Georgia, one of my lovely friends who introduced me to blogging in the first place! She’s done a similar post over on her channel, which you can check out using this link:
In the age of social media, when everything is fabricated and people are trying to create a certain image of themselves, some youtubers just seem so real. Today I’m going to talk you through my top 5, the ones I watch regularly, and go to when I need some entertainment, relaxation, or even advice. Without further waffling, here they are!

1.Dodie Clark aka doddleoddle aka doddlevloggle. Dodie Clark has two channels, a music one, and a chatty, vlogs one. Both are, in my opinion, works of art. Places of beautiful backdrops, wonderful acoustic covers and heartfelt original songs, insightful chats and raw, unfiltered emotions, Dodie’s two channels are both incredible. Though as a person she is inspiring, having achieved so much (an EP! two successful Youtube channels! a UK tour for her album! the list goes on…!), what I love most about her is that she is honest. She turns on her camera and she talks about her struggles with depression, with depersonalisation, she talks about letting go of her childhood and dealing with sexual harassment, and she talks about her life in a way that is sincere and relatable. If you are looking for a Youtuber who will provide quality videos whilst maintaining their integrity, look no further than Dodie.
2.Lucy Moon. Is low key my idol. Sports a killer red lip. Listens to a whole load of Grime. Shrugs on outfits I can only dream of putting together. Makes fashion, lifestyle, vlogs and food videos- and I watch them ALL. I kid you not, Lucy Moon could record herself blowing spit bubbles and I would still watch 15 minutes of it. She is BEAUTIFUL, and incredibly fun to listen to and watch. But you know what the best thing is? She has her issues too, and what’s more, she talks about them. Problems with alcohol, with falling out with friends, and little existential crises. She’s your go to gal if you’re feeling down, because chances are she’s either been there and can offer advice, or one of her lighter-hearted videos will make you feel better.
3.Carrie Hope Fletcher has achieved more by her mid-twenties than most people can hope to ever achieve in life. A West End star, what is perhaps most wonderful about her is that youtube is not her full time job, and therefore she documents her life in the backstages of London theatres, in her London flat, and travelling from show to show. She’s a thoughtful, philosophical person, and I love a series that she does called “Dear Tom and Gi”, in which she makes a video message to her brother and sister in law, essentially discussing what’s been on her mind. It’s always something interesting and thought provoking, and with her lovely positivity and gorgeous smile, I always end the videos feeling light inside!
4.I have no words to describe Hannah Witton. This is not me being lazy (well maybe a little bit but not that much!), I genuinely do not know where to begin. She makes lively, fascinating videos on feminist topics. She is a radio host. She tries menstrual cups on camera. She has written a book about sex. She has a degree in history from a top university. She is absolutely gorgeous. And she’s only 25!!!!!!! I would say its not fair how much she has accomplished, but rather than envy, I have nothing but respect. It is clear that Hannah works hard on everything she does, and boy does it show.
5.Louise Pentland is a funny one, because she’s in her early 30s, and so you would think that as a teenager I wouldn’t be able to relate to her much. But in her funny vlogs and her lovely main channel videos, I find a kind of lovely, homey warmth which is so much fun to watch.


Letting Go of the Messy Life. Part 1.

I’ll be upfront and honest with you all. My motivations for writing this post are purely selfish.

(Was that too honest? You’ll have to excuse me, I’m new to this blogging business hehe )

I often find that writing my thoughts out can help clear my mind, and start to prioritise the millions of tasks that always seem to need doing. And tasks aside, ‘writing it all out’ can also help me understand what my ambitions are in the short term- what I want to achieve in the next few months, what changes I’d like to introduce to my lifestyle, and so on.

One of the reasons I want to do this is that I’m the kind of person who can spend hours on Pinterest, other people’s blogs, YouTube and so on, both appreciating but also internally freaking out at how put together other people’s lives are. And I know, I know, that mostly its the work of filters, carefully selected photos and glossy stationary hauls that give the illusion of extreme put-togetherness. Nevertheless, my organisation-envy is ever present during these hours. Thus, inspired by photos, pins, and the desire to rid myself of the panic of disorganisation, these last two years I’ve been working hard on, well, basically trying to get my life together.

And, you know what? I think I’m kind of getting there.

Sure, I don’t know what I’m doing every moment of every day, and I still have momentary panics when I realise I’m not exactly where I’m supposed to be. But overall, things have changed. I write my tasks down, I (kind of) structure my studying, and I set time aside to just chill (which I think is very important).

However, despite all that, last month, things kind of fell apart. Yes, that’s low-key an overstatement, but if you know me, and if you know how organised I usually am…well, then you’ll see its not far from the truth. I guess it started with the beginning of the last two weeks of term. Now, again, anyone who knows me, knows that I struggle with those last two weeks. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. For some frustrating, unknown reason, my brain just decides vacation is so soon that there can’t possibly be any need to actually pay attention in class. And so the pattern follows that I begin to zone out in all my lessons, and my notes fall into serious disarray. After that, any illusion of organisation I’d been upholding just shatters (can you tell I’m the queen of over exaggeration?). But really- a few days after term finished, my family and I flew back home (the country my family is from is in South Asia, and coming back is always the most wonderful feeling), and since then I’ve pretty much been on ‘just a little break’ from any responsibilities in my life. That ‘little break’ has gone on for over month, and I’m now being slowly but surely overcome by a rising panic about it all. Essays to be written, homework to be completed, an extended project to get on with- you name it, I’ve been avoiding it. Frankly, since last month, my life has become messy.

So. Time to write my thoughts out, so I can try and get myself together. Or, for want of a better saying, (if that phrase reminds you instantly of Dumbledore like it does me, I’m pretty sure we could be best friends), solution time.

Maybe, just maybe, if I write out my thoughts, my to-do list, my goals, my ambitions- I’ll come one step closer to realising them. Here we go.

To Do List:

Ha! You thought this was a nice, normal blog page. You thought you could read some fun pieces of writing about my life. Maybe a nice baked good recipes, or a little short story. You weren’t aware that I’m about to make you sit through my literal to-do list. Well, I can’t force you to sit through it but obviously you’re not going to leave now, right? Isn’t this the kind of content you came here for…?

Bear with. I promise, that for my sake and yours, I’ll try and make this as interesting as possible. And if making it interesting means that I have to share with you my humiliating stories about just how little work I have done, then so be it.

  1. Do my bloody essay. Bit vague but basically there’s this essay on Obama that I’m writing for a competition and it’s due on Sept 1 and whilst I’m not the most talented writer I’d like to think that my incoherent stream of words and lack of punctuation is indicating to you that I am slightly stressed about it. Just a little. I’ve done a lot of my research and have started a draft which I’m fairly happy with but ASLKDFJLASDJALSF.
  2. eXTendED pROJECT. My chosen project is about many things and its linked to some of my favourite stuff, such as my heritage, gender studies, history of the subcontinent, etc. Now all that’s left to do is, uh, get on with it. One of those aforementioned humiliating stories: I had two months of lessons before AS exams to get on with it and to make a start in prep for the summer holidays when the bulk of the work is meant to be done. What was I doing in those lessons?! I can assure you it wasn’t anything productive. Because I only decided my actual project title a few weeks ago, and I only started my research last week. Out of everything that’s been neglected on my to-do list, this is probably the most shameful. But I’m planning on changing that very, very soon. Right after I finish that bLOOD Y essay.
  3. Winter Event. It’s too complicated to explain but basically along with a few other people, I’m in charge of organising a major party for my college, and the jobs include booking DJs, a headline act, a venue, etc- and all on a pretty tight budget. I’m fairly pleased with our progress so far, but I don’t want to jinx it by boasting too much and then have any of our negotiations fall through. So for now, I won’t say more.
  4. h.ome.w.ork. there’s a shit ton of it. honestly a very daunting amount. for three subjects. should probably look into doing it. ha. HELP.
  5. Personal Statement. After a pretty disastrous AS results day (thankfully my AS grades don’t count toward my final grade but my teachers still use them to make A2 predictions), I’m looking very seriously into taking a Gap Year. I have sky-high ambitions regarding universities, which seem ludicrous especially relative to my current grade status. But I’m planning on working as hard as I can this year, because I don’t think I’d be able to forgive myself if I was to get an A2 grade which I hadn’t worked my utmost for, and if I missed a University place because I hadn’t tried to put my all in. Anyway, whether I’m taking a gap year or not, I’m still meant to be attending a University Applications day in college at the beginning of next month, and I gotta have a Personal Statement prepped for that.
  6. Buy presents before going back. Now here’s an item on my to-do list that I can genuinely get behind. I have a list of about 10 close friends, some of whom have birthdays coming up, who I want to buy presents for before my flight, which is meant to be at the end of the month. Some local handicrafts or candy- little things that I think they’d appreciate are priority to purchase before I leave.
  7. Prep for the new term. New stationary shopping (yayayayay), Sorting my folders out and organising last year’s notes. Many, many a little job is left to be done.

So, there you have it- my to do list. I feel better after writing out, and thinking about it, if I get to work in an organised fashion, it’s kind of achievable. Kind of. Agh.

I’ve planned that Part 2 of this post will be about my goals and ambitions, and what I’m working towards, so keep an eye out for it.

Big love to you if you’ve stuck around til the end of this post-

Z x

one hot summer day (welcome to my blog!)


it’s very hot.

very humid.

that sticky kind of heat, that makes your limbs feel like butter.

there’s no wind and the air is thick. everything is listless. and you know you should start your EP but

really, you just want to lie there and let yourself melt.

and you think:

“alright, enough is enough. it’s time to make a blog”


hi, everyone! one of the side effects of the mind numbing heat in my home country is that the middle part of my summer days are more often that not spent with my laptop in front of me, waiting for it to be evening and for the temperature levels to drop. and that, in turn, has led to the creation of this blog, something that’s been on my to do list for an age. i’ve wanted to blog forever, or more accurately, since my wonderful friend Georgia introduced me to the world of lifestyle blogging. i don’t have the skills to link her blog in yet, but i can promise you it’s a work of art: just search Georgie Blue blogspot. oh! and while we’re on the topic of great blogs, check out socialmetaphor- it’s a blog run by one of my best friends, and her quality of writing is honestly on another level.

but i digress.

back to blogging:

i think the main reason i wanted to start a chilled, undemanding project like a blog was because of everything else that’s going on right now. i’m planning to go into all that in more detail in my next blog post but basically, what with Extended Project, A2 prep, internships, personal statements, uni applications etc, i feel like it’s been too long since i’ve written purely for the fun of it. i’m at a point where everything is based around university applications, and i want this to be a space where i can discuss food, fashion, little life goals, films and novels- all those things that don’t really count for a uni application, but which still matter.

so, here goes. i’m sure not many of you are reading this, but i hope you enjoyed this rambling first post if you did.

i’m planning on posting again very soon, so see you then!

z x